Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb. 21: The full N.Y. Times piece on McCain

*Times and Post articles on McCain

Here is a link to the article by the New York Times on Sen. John McCain's possible ties to a lobbyist:

Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute asks some good questions about the Times piece:

My take: The Times piece is more about lobbying questions than anything else. That's relevant, because of McCain's past problems as one of the Keating Five, and his current reputation as a reformer. Of course, that's not the part everyone's going to be talking about. But this isn't Monicagate - at least not for the moment.

*It's all about us

Naturally, the McCain story has a Florida connection:

*When it rains....

More troubles for McCain, this time concerning election funding:

*More on Michelle Obama

The McCain story gets Michelle Obama off the media hook for her comments the other day. Here's a Los Angeles Times profile of her:,0,5061497.story

It will be interesting to see whether the substance in her speeches changes, and whether her negative comments will have an effect on the Obama Express.....

Speaking of which, couldn't someone in his campaign have shown propriety in scheduling his speech about Wisconsin after Hillary Clinton had finished her concession speech? The timing just lends more to those accusations of arrogance by Obama and his campaign.

*What have you done for me lately?

Memo to politicians endorsing Barack Obama: At least read the guy's Web site:

Of course, the upside is that it gives him less time to get in trouble with lobbyists.

*You bet PBS is necessary - and relevant

Thousands of PBS viewers answered a Feb. 17 New York Times column that questioned whether PBS should still exist. My favorite assertion is the one that other channels do what they do.

Who, exactly? The shoutfests and propaganda mongers on cable? The reality trashmasters on the networks? Where else can you find "Frontline," "Nova," "Live From Lincoln Center," etc.? As someone who spends roughly 90 percent of her TV viewing time on two PBS channels in South Florida, I say: Long May It Live!

With one caveat: The pledge drives should include regular PBS programming and limit Andre Rieu, Celtic Woman and all those neo-imitators of classical and traditional popular music to only one broadcast per pledge period - combined.

*On DVDs

Final note: I don't care what the DVD technology is, HD, Blu-Ray, Sugar Ray; I just want the darn thing to play in the computer.

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