Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13: Remembering Howard Metzenbaum

*Metzenbaum was his own man

Former Sen. Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio died yesterday:

Not always the easiest politician to get along with, he made many political enemies - including, for a while, his fellow Democratic senator, John Glenn. But in his later years, Metzenbaum developed a reputation as a staunch consumer advocate.

*It's who you know....or maybe not

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune writes:

Which leads to a new question: Is it truly possible anymore to be self-made and become president? Well, Bill Clinton did it. Perhaps Obama will, too.

*No mischief

Time magazine has an article about the Florida vote mess:,8599,1721291,00.html

I disagree that Gov. Charlie Crist and the Republicans are making mischief by not paying for a revote; a lot of Florida Democrats also don't want state funds being used for this - especially in a budget crisis. The mischief was by DNC chair Howard Dean and other party leaders who don't want to let Florida's Jan. 29 vote count. They join the long list of political leaders who have forgotten it is about the people.

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