Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14: Something to really be bitter about

I'm bitter.

I admit it.

I feel that way because the media is showing its true colors in what has to be the dumbest bit of overblown coverage in this presidential campaign. Actually, that should be the latest dumbest bit of overblown coverage.

Too many of my colleagues in the press have shown that their concern is not for the country, not for the voters, not for an honorable election, but for their version of a network reality show.

Given their back-and-forth on what Sen. Barack Obama said - in private, incidentally - and Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain's comments, that's the only conclusion that can be reached.

Oh, for a journalist who really is interested in covering the important issues of this presidential campaign - the economy, the war in Iraq and other serious foreign and domestic problems.

They exist. But they're drowned out by the peanut gallery that's more interested in imitating Simon Cowell than Walter Cronkite. And that's something to really be bitter about.

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