Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25: More Sniglets on Zimbabwe, Florida's Environment and George Carlin

*Slamming the Door in Zimbabwe

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's strong-arming of that country's elections have earned world outrage to the point where Queen Elizabeth has stripped him of an honorary knighthood. The last time she did that was in 1989, with Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

At the time, the people of Romania revolted against Ceausescu, ultimately killing him and his wife. A warning to Mugabe: Those who forget the past......

*Whose Side Are They On?

What generous folk, U.S. Sugar and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. Just a week after the governor's disastrous about-face on offshore oil drilling, he sat down to sign an agreement for the state to purchase land from U.S. Sugar for Everglades restoration for $1.75 billion.

It's not even possible to recommend not looking a gift horse in the mouth. It's no gift from U.S. Sugar, which is reaping profits - and no gift to the company's workers, who are worried about their economic futures.

As for Crist, he's having his second summit on climate change this week. He's certainly an expert on political climate change.

*Celebrating George Carlin's Other Words

It's too bad that George Carlin's "Seven Bad Words" routine is getting so much attention after his death, because he knew how to use the rest of the English language so well. Here's a link to his classic monologue on baseball versus football:

You're safe at home now, George.

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