Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sep. 4: Three Cheers For Florida Supreme Court and Change Needed On Bright Futures

By Sylvia Gurinsky

*Here's a tip of the cap to the Florida Supreme Court for unanimously deciding to toss Amendments 5, 7 and 9 off the November ballot. All three were politically motivated, poorly written, misleading and bad for Florida's public schools.


*A story about Florida's Bright Futures scholarships from the Treasure Coast:

This speaks to the bigger problems in the use of lottery funds as a prop-up for the education budget, and a need for an examination of the way education money is spent. Bright Futures is not an "enhancement" (the original name for what lottery funds were meant for); it's a scholarship.
To protect it and the best and brightest who can't afford to go to college, some changes will need to be made - and yes, that will mean those who can afford to must pay their own way. It will probably take a visible crisis - as usual - for change to occur.

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