Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oct. 29: Sniglets On Early Voting, Biden Interview and the World Series

By Sylvia Gurinsky

*It's about time, Governor Crist.
Florida Governor Charlie Crist finally saw the light and issued an executive order extending early voting hours.
It's true that most elections won't generate (sadly) the kind of interest this one has. But voters should always be given due consideration. Voting is a right, not a privilege, and it's a right millions worldwide have died for.

*Just about any good journalism teacher will show WFTV-Channel 9 (Orlando) anchor Barbara West's inquisition - it's unfair to call it an interview - of vice presidential candidate Joe Biden to students with the statement: Don't let this happen to you.
West broke every rule of good interviewing. She put an ideological slant on her questions, she dealt with innuendo instead of doing research of hard facts, and she didn't ask any questions that were truly relevant to Central Florida viewers, who are as affected by the bad economy as anyone else.
What would Peter Jennings, with whom West used to work, say?

*For once, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig was right.
Selig decided that if the Tampa Bay Rays hadn't scored that tying run in the top of the sixth inning the other night, the game would have been suspended regardless, and would not have been a rain-shortened game. Amen.
The World Series is a different situation altogether from the regular season. Selig, who blundered with the end to the 2002 All Star Game and almost had the same situation with this year's All Star Game, understood the specialness of the Fall Classic in making his decision.

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