Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dec. 2: New Battlefront For Gay Rights

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman finally set it out: The state of Florida's ban on homosexual couples adopting children is unconstitutional. Her ruling should be commended - and upheld.

But now, a new battle will start - one that will very likely make it to the United States Supreme Court before it's done. No doubt many state lawmakers and people who spearheaded the unfortunate Amendment 2 approved by Florida voters Nov. 4 are at it again, trying to figure out how to keep the supposed wolf at the door. For the real wolf, they just need to look in the mirror. They are basing their arguments against adoptions by gays on outmoded and untrue theories.

Lederman's ruling shows that science, common sense and good, solid personal experience are beginning to overcome ideology. We are finding out that the quality of the parent - regardless of sexual orientation - is what counts. As it should.

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