Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11: Games Elected Officials Play

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Here's why daily newspapers are needed: These two stories came to this commentator courtesy of The Miami Herald.

First, the National Rifle Association has horned in on legitimate efforts to get official congressional representation in the District of Columbia:

Anyone who lives in D.C. should be angry at how this has become a "Christmas Tree" bill for the NRA. How about a new version of the Boston Tea Party - D.C. residents can throw the NRA supporters in Congress into the Potomac River?

On the State of Florida level, here's a link to Myriam Marquez' column about the legislature's mischief:

There's not much to add, except that the Department of Community Affairs must be preserved; if such a bill gets out of the legislature, Gov. Charlie Crist must veto it, as well as any further efforts to wreck Florida's environment.

Whether in Congress or Tallahassee, enough games from elected officials.

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