Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18: "Utter Nonsense" Call For Virginia Key Plan Is Right On

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Right on, City of Miami Planning Advisory Board.

Here's The Miami Herald story about what they had to say on the city's proposal for Virginia Key:

"Utter nonsense" is the right phrase, especially when one considers the work that's already been done at the site. Historic Virginia Key Beach, which was a blacks-only beach from 1946 until barriers started coming down, is being restored and becoming a popular weekend spot for families of all demographics. With a restored carousel and train is a very new and high-quality playground for young children.

There is also the matter of Miami Marine Stadium; there is a campaign to restore that facility.

There's already enough concrete in the Virginia Key area. After two "Nos" from two boards about glitzier plans, Mayor Manny Diaz and the Miami City Commission need to get the message: Less is a lot more when it comes to Virginia Key.

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