Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aug. 12: Sniglets On FPL Exec Salaries, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Roberta Fox and Dr. Greer

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Florida Power & Light and Progress Energy, otherwise known as the state's chutzpah chiefs, want the Public Service Commission to allow them to raise rates as much as 31 percent - but they don't want to disclose how much their top executives make.

Bravo to PSC for making an issue of this. Florida's energy companies must be accountable to the public they serve.


Eunice Kennedy Shriver's son, Bobby, has said that his mother was never elected to any office, yet she changed the world.

Indeed, she did. Her perception was colored by the situation of her sister Rosemary, who was classified as mildly retarded, yet became almost fully incapacitated after a lobotomy.

Shriver founded the Special Olympics in 1968; today, more than 3 million athletes worldwide participate in Special Olympics events. There are winter and summer games. The program has broken down barriers for the developmentally disabled in countries such as China, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Besides her family, Eunice Kennedy Shriver is survived by the millions worldwide who are better off for her actions.


Roberta Fox, who served in the Florida Legislature for 10 years during the 1970s and '80s, made no less of an impression for women trying to move forward. She campaigned for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in Florida, which did not happen. However, she accomplished plenty more:

The campaign continues for equal pay and other equal treatment for women. But Roberta Fox blazed a trail that should make those goals reachable.

Dr. Pedro Jose Greer is one of 16 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Greer reached legendary status at a young age in South Florida for his achievements in medicine. He founded the Camillus Health Concern and redefined the way the homeless in this community receive health care. He left a long legacy of medical students at the University of Miami better for his teachings, and will do the same in his current post at Florida International University's medical school. And has done all these things with a sense of humor that leaves his patients in stitches - in a good way.

Here's to you, Dr. Greer.

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