Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb. 16: Oversight Missing (Again) On Jackson

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Once again for a crucial Miami-Dade County entity - Jackson Memorial Hospital - no one was minding the store.

Jackson's budget deficit for the fiscal year could be $250 million by the time auditors get through. Hospital administrators are trying to determine what to cut - including some of the administrators. Today, more than 40 layoffs have been announced, and many more will follow.

JMH leaders and the Public Health Trust trade blame and bicker both with Jackson's unions and with the University of Miami, the hospital's medical partner. And not very much has been heard from the county commission, which is supposed to oversee the overseers. Meanwhile, the clock may be ticking on Jackson's future.

Both the bickering within Jackson and the silence from commissioners must stop. Both groups must come up with immediate solutions to this crisis - starting with a gatekeeper for the money.

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