Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1: Sniglets On NBC and Olympics, Marco Rubio and Credit Cards and Comment From Steve Weinberg

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Is there anyone who thinks NBC's "Junkyard Jeffs" - executives Jeff Zucker and Jeff Gaspin - should not head out the door after the latest evidence of their incompetence?

NBC, for a change, had two good weeks of coverage of the Winter Olympics, with excellence in a number of its sports and anything Bob Costas and Al Michaels did. That was crowned by yesterday's amazing hockey game between the United States and Canada.

Then, it almost got spoiled by the network's idiotic decision to split its closing ceremony coverage in two - and put Jerry Seinfeld's equally idiotic "The Marriage Ref" in the middle.

Lots of viewers got angry, and let NBC know about their anger. Good for them.

Sorry to say, NBC is still stuck with the incompetents in the boardrooms until the Comcast sale issue is resolved, one way or another. That means viewers will be stuck with more of their decisions. Now that the Olympics are over, those viewers will likely make their own decisions - to watch other channels.


Yes, it's a cliche, but U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio of Florida should have decided to leave home without it.

News reports that Rubio charged thousands of dollars on an American Express card provided by the Republican Party of Florida have generated lots of attention for Rubio, who has become the front runner in the party primary. Not good attention, either.

On "This Week In South Florida" yesterday, my friend and former colleague Michael Putney of Miami's WPLG-Channel 10 had an excellent commentary about the situation. He said Rubio seemed to have a sense of entitlement. He also mentioned both Rubio and the Florida GOP's lack of guidelines on spending issues.

One of the reasons Jim Greer has been pushed out of his party chairman post is because of spending matters. Gov. Charlie Crist, Rubio's opponent in the Senate race and a friend of Greer's, has taken a lot of heat for backing Greer.

But it looks like Rubio, former Florida House speaker, went to the party, too.

Here's a message to Rubio, to paraphrase Crist: Live within your means.


Here's the link to the response by Steve Weinberg to my blog commentary last Wednesday (I'm trying to paste it, but can't, for some reason):

There is still that nagging question about whether the report will be published......A truly independent report would be. I still disagree with Weinberg about the degree of full independence for this study.

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