Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15: The Rules Aren't Different Here

By Sylvia Gurinsky

The rules are the same for any candidate for public office - even one who has worked a lifetime in the private sector.

In Florida, this year's election has two candidates for statewide office who fit that bill: Democrat Jeff Greene in the race for United States Senate and Republican Rick Scott in the race for governor.

They're both high in the polls in their respective primaries, but they haven't gotten with the program yet in terms of disclosure. Floridians are still waiting to hear the details of Greene's tax returns, and concrete explanations from both men of their business dealings.

If they win their respective elections in November, they will take public responsibility for Florida's future. They will not be able to hide behind the doors of fancy offices.

If they believe they can keep a distance from the public responsibilities of office, they might want to ask Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzeneggar - two men who weren't "career politicians," but have certainly known the pains of holding public office.

As long as they want - and possibly hold - those public offices, Scott and Greene have responsibilities to be open and honest.

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