Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug. 9: Broward Commission Should Leave Ethics Reforms As Is

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Message to the Broward County Commission: Think about Joe Eggelletion and Diana Wasserman-Rubin. Think about former Broward School Board Member Beverly Gallagher.

All of them have faced, or in Wasserman-Rubin's case will face, the justice system head-on because they haven't played by the rules.

Perhaps there but for the grace of God go the rest of you. And some of you might yet go that way, since investigations of your activities are ongoing, too.

Think about that tomorrow before you vote to water down the tough ethics reforms that your constituents and the county's new ethics commission want. Think about that before you vote to exempt yourselves and your families from those reforms, or try to silence your critics.

Think about those people who will be speaking in front of you tomorrow, urging you to leave the ethics reforms alone and approve them without any changes. And then do what they ask.

Because you might have a lot more to think about if you don't. Like losing your seat. Or your freedom.

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