Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 19: Broward Measures All Worth "Yes" Votes

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Voters in Broward County will be deciding on various local ballot issues, most of them regarding ethics reform. Anyone who's been watching or reading news accounts of Broward politicians being led away in handcuffs will know why reforms are needed.

The first measure would actually push back the meetings of the Charter Review Commission and the Management and Efficiency Study Committee to once every decade, instead of once every six years - to make things more efficient.

The second measure would have the county code of ethics overriding any municipal codes. That would set up uniformity in the process.

The third measure would make county officers - the sheriff, the property appraiser, the clerk of courts and the elections supervisor - subject to the county ethics code.

The fourth measure would create an inspector general's office to investigate misconduct and mismanagement.

The fifth measure would expand the Truth In Millage notice to show the portion of property taxes attributable to the county officers mentioned in the third measure.

Broward needs all the help it can get cleaning up its government. A "Yes" vote on all of these measures would start the process.

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