Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30: Broward School Board Needs Outside Superintendent Search

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Jim Notter saw the writing on the blackboard.

If Notter, Broward County's school superintendent, hadn't announced his decision to retire, there would have been plenty of public pressure on the Broward County School Board to toss him out.

While Notter didn't cause the entire financial and ethical crisis currently in the school district, he was, as so many critics have said, an enabler. Also, he didn't follow up on the gains his predecessor, Frank Till, made academically.

The atmosphere in the school district is so poisonous now that promoting even an acting superintendent from within would be counterproductive. The Broward School Board must begin an immediate, national search for a superintendent who would lift the school district's fortunes, academically and ethically.

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