Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18: What the "Other 99%" Needs To Demand

By Sylvia Gurinsky

So far, it's only a venting of steam.

The Occupy Wall Street and other protests, to this point, have opposed the current economic situation - class inequality, the disappearing middle class, an economic elite class that hasn't given or sacrificed enough of itself in this crisis, unemployment, the lack of justice concerning those who caused the crisis.

It's time for the next step - a plan of action. A list of demands for people in both the public and private sector:

1. That U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder open formal investigations of any criminal activity concerning the 2008 economic meltdown. If he doesn't, he should publicly explain why he doesn't.

2. That Congress approve, and President Barack Obama sign, the bill that prohibits employers from discriminating against job applicants who have been out of work at least six months.

3. That Congress and Obama consider legislation that would scale back the mega-mergers and other business hijinks that have led to so many layoffs.

4. That pressure be put on businesses to ensure that executives and management work in and understand every aspect of a company. It's a lot harder to lay off those you do know.

5. That tax incentives be provided for businesses to stay and hire in the United States - and tax penalties be provided for businesses that fail to do either.

6. That genuine housing reforms be done, including the curtailing or total banishment of strategies that make it more difficult for honest people to pay their mortgages.

7. A recruitment of intelligent and honest candidates for political office next year, challenging any incumbent - Republican, Democrat or otherwise - who doesn't support the above reforms.

Those who are protesting owe it to the entire "99 percent" to go for those goals.

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