Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1: Remember Tallahassee Hypocrites In November

By Sylvia Gurinsky

This is addressed to the people of Florida.

That's because it's pretty obvious - judging by this year's session of the Florida Legislature - that addressing anything to their elected representatives in Tallahassee is a futile effort.

Not only have many lawmakers tried to interfere with everything from how Floridians choose to pray - or not pray - to what happens between patients and doctors, but they're also hypocrites.

How else to explain requiring drug testing for other state employees and exempting themselves? How else to explain their criticisms and legal challenges of the health insurance plan President Barack Obama signed in 2010 - and keeping their own insurance premiums low while they let the premiums of most of their constituents skyrocket?

Because the legislature is having trouble coming to a budget agreement, they may be in Tallahassee beyond next week's scheduled end of the session - which means more time for them to do damage and mischief, such as gutting child care for Florida's poorest families:

Lest we forget, there's an election this year.

If the lawmakers responsible for this hypocrisy are running for re-election, throw them out. If they're running for anything else, don't vote for them.

Don't forget, Florida. Remember in November.

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