Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19: Is Iran Giving Israel an Excuse To Attack?

By Sylvia Gurinsky
Israel's great statesman Abba Eban was alternately quoted as saying that the Palestinians, or the Arabs, "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." It appears Iran can be added to that list.

Hezbollah, one of Iran's terrorist surrogates, may be behind yesterday's bus bomb in Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists, the bus driver and the bomber, and injured 33. It's one of a series of attacks or attempted attacks by Iran and company targeting Israel or Israelis worldwide.

For months, there has been talk that Israel would try to bomb Iran's suspected nuclear installations to prevent the creation of a nuclear weapon. For the most part, the world community has tried to stop such an attack, with the idea that a pre-emptive strike by Israel would lead to no good in the long run.

A pre-emptive strike would not. A retaliation is another story. When Israel loses its own, it retaliates.

The terrorist attacks are giving Israel what it didn't have: A concrete excuse to attack Iran.

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