Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012: TTFN

By Sylvia Gurinsky

To quote the great Andy Rooney, "I'm a writer, and writers never retire." But I am going to take an indefinite break on the Sunshine Statements blog.

I started this blog in 2007 to continue writing full-length commentaries about important issues.

Well, life has taken a different turn. In 2008, I left full-time journalism and took a job at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida (now HistoryMiami). I was at a career crossroad.

I decided to take the road historians travel by. My work as an educator and CityTours guide at HistoryMiami is evolving into a new, enjoyable career. I am examining where that will take me, and I anticipate that writing will be a part of that. For instance, I'm considering a new blog about South Florida's historical sites.

As for journalism, I will continue to write the occasional column about issues of the day for the Jewish Journal and other papers. From time to time, I will continue with #SunStatement Twitter posts (There's too much going on for me to stay silent.).

If matters get dicey enough, I will post here (Heck, Bill Moyers keeps coming back; why can't I?).

I am continuing the YesterTube classic television blog and #YesterTube tweets, and hope to turn that into a successful (read: money-making) venture at some point.

I have enjoyed writing here for six years, and I thank you for your interest and feedback.

So, as the kids say: TTFN (Ta Ta For Now.). And thank you.

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