Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 15, 2016: Vote for Hillary Clinton for President

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Forget about the current campaign headlines in what President Barack Obama likes to call “the silly season.” 
Instead, picture the candidates in the historic moments that have made presidents.
First, try picturing Donald Trump – a man who has insulted everyone who isn’t a white male like him – comforting the families of the bereaved as Ronald Reagan or Obama have. Try picturing Trump soberly addressing Congress about a declaration of war as Franklin Roosevelt did, or speaking to the nation about a military action such as the blockade of Cuba announced by John F. Kennedy.
Mr. “Art of the Deal” can’t seal that deal.
Now, picture Hillary Clinton doing those things.
It’s not a stretch. She’s been doing them for more than four decades – as a children’s advocate, First Lady of Arkansas and the U.S., senator and Secretary of State.
She should do them as the next President of the United States.
It’s no secret that she wears numerous battle scars from those four decades in public life – sometimes to her detriment. But given Trump’s detestable actions and words, this race shouldn’t even be a contest.
The real comparison should come between Clinton and Obama. She will continue many of his progressive actions on the environment and other domestic policies. She will, hopefully, improve what has been heavy handedness on education. And she plans to fix problems with the Affordable Care Act – having learned from some of those battle scars she suffered in 1993-94.
On foreign policy, she’s more hawkish than Obama – and perhaps that’s necessary. Many criticize Obama for not living up to his Nobel Peace Prize, but he’s actually shown himself to be a pacifist – too much of one at times.
A tougher hand is necessary with ISIS and North Korea. Hillary Clinton can provide it. Perhaps she can also give a needed kick in the figurative rear to those who would participate in the Middle East peace process.
She does not have Bill Clinton’s magnetism or Barack Obama’s gift with words. But a good president needs to be a hard worker. She certainly does that in spades.
And she lives up to the moments when presidents have to prove themselves to the public.
A number of times on the campaign trail, the media – which hasn’t exactly been her best friend in this election – has referred to her as “presidential.”
Indeed, she is. Make it official. Vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

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