Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oct. 22: Al Tirah: Israel Should Openly Investigate Itself

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Al Tirah. Do not be afraid, says the prayer Jews recite on the Sabbath.

Israel is acting very afraid.

The country is sticking to its strategy in recent years of running, hiding, pointing fingers and snarling in its response to the United Nations report over possible war crimes during the country's campaign in Gaza last winter.

Now, there's no question that the relationship between Israel and the UN is only slightly better than that of the Sharks and the Jets in the musical "West Side Story." But every time the UN says something critical, Israel resorts to the same thing: Criticize back, and get the United States to defend you.

It's gutless. It's unlike what Israel, at its best, has been.

Israel, at its best, is unafraid of anything. Unafraid to be honest with itself and its people about what it does wrong, as well as what it does right.

Unafraid to look at itself in the mirror.

Israel doesn't owe the UN an internal investigation of what happened in Gaza.

Israel owes an internal investigation to itself. To its own people.

To its own reputation.

Al Tirah, Yisrael.

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