Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oct. 8: Florida Must Protect Chinese Drywall Victims

By Sylvia Gurinsky

When even Florida's insurer of last resort won't help, higher-ups need to step in.

As Beatrice E. Garcia and Nirvi Shah of The Miami Herald reported today, owners of homes affected by defective Chinese drywall are having trouble processing claims - and potentially face more problems:

Leave it to those insurance companies, including Citizens Property Insurance, to insure themselves more than the homeowners they're supposed to protect - particularly when those homeowners aren't to blame for this situation.

So far, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and the Florida Legislature haven't done anything about even regulating Chinese drywall, though the problem came to light almost a year ago. On Tuesday, the Florida Senate's Community Affairs Committee had its first hearing on the matter for next year's legislative session.

Insurance protection for homeowners needs to be added to the agenda of those hearings, along with public safety.

The legislature needs to come up with a solid bill that protects the homeowners and their homes.
Florida residents sickened by the environmental effects of Chinese drywall and squeezed by their insurance companies can't afford any more delays.

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