Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov. 18: Would Newsweek Put Obama In Shorts On Its Cover?

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is right: Newsweek's choice to put a picture of her in jogging wear on its cover was sexist. Apparently, it also violated the guidelines of Runner's World, the original publisher of the photo. And the photo was grossly taken out of its original context.

Would Newsweek put a photo of President Barack Obama in his basketball wear on its cover? Doubtful.

Would liberals who back up the magazine over the photo choice, and the showing of Palin's legs on an inside page, be singing the same tune if the face on the cover was that of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Also doubtful.

(And by the way, Newsweek's executives are men. Tsk, tsk.)

There is a legitimate argument that Palin has tried to use feminine wiles - such as the wink in last year's vice presidential debate - to lure voters. She shouldn't. Looks won't stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb or make a decision on whether to send more American troops to Afghanistan. Looks won't create new jobs. Brains will.

Newsweek doesn't help matters by catering to that very argument. Their photo choices hurt every woman who has chosen a life in public service, and who still faces the challenge of trying to prove herself on the job.

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