Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nov. 19: More Proof That Prescription Drug Ads Should End

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Zetia. Vytorin. Vioxx.

All prescription drugs that were advertised on television, in newspapers and in magazines. All under scrutiny, or in the case of Vioxx, taken off the market because of problems.

All just more proof that there should not be advertisements of prescription drugs.

The drug companies, which have polluted television and print, are now trying to choke the Internet as well.

Not only should the FDA prohibit Web advertisements, it should also eliminate all other prescription drug ads.

Along with the studies on drug safety are other studies - including a new one by UCLA - that the ads do not make for more educated consumers, despite drug companies' bleats to the contrary.

The squeals that eliminating the ads would harm free speech are utter nonsense. This is a public health issue. The ads have done more to hurt consumers' health, not to mention their relationships with doctors.

To coin a phrase from former First Lady Nancy Reagan, the FDA should Just Say No to any prescription drug ads.

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