Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan. 12: Say No To FPL - Again

By Sylvia Gurinsky

This week, the Florida Public Service Commission will decide whether Florida Power & Light should get that large rate increase they've been going after.

If 10,000 angry Broward County residents who lost their power earlier this week don't give PSC the answer, then all the other news about FPL during the last few weeks and months should:

*The problems at the Turkey Point nuclear power plant;

*The tendency of FPL executives to try to get cushy with PSC commissioners, to the point where a couple of those commissioners had to be replaced;

*The luxury living of a few of those FPL executives, and their reluctance to disclose their full salaries and benefits;


*The continued bad economy in Florida.

With those reasons, obviously, PSC's answer to FPL should be the same one it gave Progress Energy yesterday: NO.

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