Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan. 5: More Should Investigate Turkey Point

By Sylvia Gurinsky

John Dorschner's excellent story yesterday about the Turkey Point nuclear power plant should have been on The Miami Herald's front page, period, not just the front page of the paper's "Business Monday" section:


The story illustrates fears many South Floridians have about nuclear power, Florida Power & Light and a combination of the two.

If FPL is busy cleaning up, remember that the company is in the middle of a major public relations campaign to try to get Florida's Public Service Commission to approve a large rate hike on consumers.

Dorschner's story shines a light on the true FPL. So should the Florida Legislature and the United States Congress, with hearings. South Florida's largest public utility needs to have all the ways it operates Turkey Point made exactly that - public.

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