Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 14: Austerity Must Start With Dade Mayor and Commissioners

By Sylvia Gurinsky

After last year's fiasco over the raises Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez gave his staff members and the criticisms by a number of county commissioners, why should perks even be an issue?

But they are again, even with a still-troubled economy. Now it's the commissioners who are coming in for criticism, along with Alvarez, for holding on to such things as $800-a-month car lease allowances. The amount of money that could be saved on the car allowances could save a couple of county jobs.

The commission heard an earful in yesterday's public hearing, and they'll hear plenty more before the final public hearing on the budget next Thursday.

According to WFOR-Channel 4, one protester said of the commission, "We tighten our belts. They never do."

Indeed, before Alvarez and commissioners ask anyone else in the county to make sacrifices this year, they should start with themselves.

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