Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 15: Miami Parking Should Stay In Authority's Hands

By Sylvia Gurinsky

In typical City of Miami fashion, the Miami Parking Authority isn't broken - so naturally, Mayor Tomas Regalado and the City Commission want to fix it by taking over control of city parking.

It's par for the course for a city government that has already threatened to destroy the future of the Gusman Theater in Downtown by withholding money and do plan to wreck the view along Biscayne Boulevard with its approval of two electronic billboard monsters close to the Arsht Performing Arts Center. Why not wreck the parking while they're at it?

The parking authority has been efficient in running the city's garages and lots and have kept a profitable operation that provides relatively manageable costs for those who park.

A handover will likely turn Miami's parking into the same mess as Miami Beach's parking - too expensive and never enough.

It looks like voters will decide the issue Nov. 2. They should say no to this scheme.

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