Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6: Back To Work For "One Community"

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Education is the engine by which all relevant industries in Miami-Dade County run. Those who have put together the latest report by One Community One Goal realize that:

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As they did during the late 1990s, community leaders putting together that report have targeted seven industries for economic improvement. The report also acknowledges the advantages of the county's environment and cultural atmosphere.

Among the recommendations: Have Miami-Dade Public Schools and local universities and colleges actively participate in the formation of job creation plans.

Proposals include the creation of a Future Fund for economic development, the expansion of international and homegrown businesses and the recommendation of improved transportation infrastructure, including the development of light rail. There are ideas for strategies to encourage workers to stay in the community, or at least maintain connections. Communication with the public is strongly emphasized. The final report gives examples of what other communities are doing for economic and employment success and calls the upgrading of Miami Beach's convention center "critical."

A number of the ideas depend on changing the behavior of government that has a tendency to deal with friends and media that has a tendency to focus on the flashy. Changing that behavior will be the most difficult part.

The key word throughout the report is "sustained." Miami-Dade County  has a maturing community. By now, it should be able to develop beyond economic whims and political turf wars.

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