Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday June 5: How's Your "Money-Saving" Looking Now, Scott Supporters?

By Sylvia Gurinsky
Congratulations, Florida. Thanks to your 2010 election of Rick Scott as governor and continued swayed nature of your legislature, this state has broken financial records - in the money it's spending on lawsuits challenging reasonable federal laws and on the money it's spending fighting lawsuits for inane laws it's enacted.

The latest example comes from the state's decision to purge thousands of voters from the rolls (Sorry, Governor, a purge is what it is, and there's no other way to label it.). The stated idea was to kick out undocumented immigrants and others who aren't officially registered to vote. But, of course, it's the innocent who get hurt - and victims of this purge have included a longtime Florida resident who is also a World War II veteran and faithful voter. Even native Floridians haven't been immune.

Naturally, the purge has triggered a legal challenge.

So add it to the money the state is spending to defend other misguided or unenforceable laws - like any that restrict business dealings with those who do business with Cuba, which oversteps federal policy.

Speaking of the feds: Add in the money Scott and company have spent fighting the 2010 national health care law, money for upgraded rail and other transportation projects and more that could truly help this state.

Scott and his friends in the Florida Legislature call it doing what they need to do. Those who know Florida better call their legal wrangling what it is: Government waste.

Many of the voters who supported Scott in 2010 did so on two theories: That he would create jobs for Florida and save the state money.

He hasn't been directly responsible for the first. He's been downright irresponsible on the second.

How's that supposedly money-saving choice looking now, Florida?

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