Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb. 12: The Full Measure Of Devoted Sniglets

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Happy 200th Birthday, Abraham Lincoln. Here are four score and seven (OK, not that many) sniglets:

*Why didn't the Miami-Dade County School Board consider cutting the budget when it was deciding whether to put the book "Vamos a Cuba" on school library shelves in the first place? Then, this would never have become an issue that's cost the board a quarter of a million dollars, according to School Library Journal.
The United States Supreme Court, which ruled against banning books on the basis of disagreement with ideas 27 years ago, may hear this case. The Court's ideological demographics have changed considerably, but let's see what happens.
The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blundered with this decision.

*Bravo to Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Rosa Rodriguez for denying bail to Gabriel Delrisco, who faces three counts of DUI manslaughter in the deaths of three children during a Jan. 25 crash. According to The Miami Herald, Delrisco's gotten 26 tickets in eight years, including a drunk driving conviction in 2001. Finally, someone in Dade's justice system did the right thing with this guy.

*Perhaps swimmer Jennifer Figge needed the water equivalent of a pedometer to count the number of miles she swam in the Atlantic Ocean? Until she gets one, she might want to avoid saying she swam across the Atlantic.

*Finally, an achievement to applaud: Three cheers and a bone for Stump, the Sussex spaniel who won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Life truly does begin at 70 in dog years. And he's so cute.

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