Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb. 2: Legislature Should Kick Samson Out Of Speaker's Post

By Sylvia Gurinsky

At 9 p.m. tonight, the Republicans who represent the people of Florida in its legislature should say "No more" to Ray Sansom.

Sansom took half a step out the Florida House Speaker's door last Friday, hedging his bets in case he's cleared anytime soon. But a number of legislative leaders, mindful of the headlines coming from Illinois over former Gov. Rod Blagojevich - and mindful that the Democrats gained legislative seats in last November's election - want no part of Sansom in the speaker's chair. At the G.O.P. caucus meeting at 9 tonight, they should say enough - and strip Sansom of his leadership post.

Yes, Americans are innocent until proven guilty. But Americans who hold political office and are under investigation are under an ethical cloud. Sansom took the half-step; he should have taken the full one. Now, his fellow Republicans need to push him to it.

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