Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb. 24: He's Showing Them the Money; What More Do They Want?

By Sylvia Gurinsky

Some people you just can't please.

President Barack Obama is taking the steps he should be taking to put the economy back on track, literally starting with the roads and the bridges and other infrastructure that will attract money and jobs. Tonight, he will address Congress and the nation, and provide more details.

There are still squabblers, from Republican governors who say they won't take the stimulus money to Wall Street to CNBC reporter/commentators who have acted recently as if they've been bitten by rabid dogs.

What do they want?

Obama is carrying out what he said all through the presidential campaign when he pointed out that the biggest problems are on Main Street. He is helping Main Street. Ultimately, according to the laws of economics, that helps Wall Street.

The economy took years to collapse. It won't turn around in one day, in one Dow Jones session or with one governor trying to polish a 2012 run for the presidency.

And it won't turn around with Obama's actions alone. As he has also said since last fall, he needs everyone's help. Wall Street could help by acting less like Las Vegas. Governors could remember the people they represent, who need the jobs and the money. As for CNBC....literally, the less said, the better.

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